Comfort all the way around

Veterinarian approved design
The fact that every detail was considered for the health and well-being of pets made veterinarians give an enthusiastic stamp of approval for Katherine Elizabeth pet beds. From the supportive mattress to the ergonomically curved bolster, these pet beds provide the ultimate in comfort for all pets—healthy, aging or injured.

We all know the difference between good mattresses and bad. It makes a world of difference between a true restful sleep and an aching body the next day. That’s where Katherine Elizabeth Pet Products really dug in to research “human quality” orthopedic comfort for pets. The durable, utilitarian mattress features a visco memory foam topper that’s designed to relieve pressure points. It’s like having a therapeutic massage built into every bed.

All beds are rimmed in a protective bolster that’s perfect for pets to naturally rest their heads along its sheltering curves. The bolster features an inner case for increased support and is stuffed with shredded visco memory foam for added comfort.

Easy Care
All moisture-resistant mattress covers and bolsters are either wipeable or washable for ease of clean-up and care.



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“These products are of very high quality and very supportive. Most dogs snuggle up along the bolster and naturally rest their heads on the curve of the bolster. The cushion mattress is more firm, which helps my patients. They are often weak, making it harder to move on a soft surface.”

Dr. Patricia M. Cahill, DVM. Acupuncture and Chiropractic



Style that’s a Cut Above

KEPP Pet Bed Construction Diagram